Linting Ruby

Deliver consistent code to production with automated code checks

Test-driven development mostly focuses on business logic. Code review elevates code from good to great, but there are thousands of things we need to look out for in the process.

Ruby has tooling and libraries that can eliminate a lot of concerns from code review process.

Codify teams' coding principles. Minimize the human factor in the development process. Ensure a consistent level of quality for every submitted PR.

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Author Stanislav Katkov

Stanislav Katkov – Fullstack Software Engineer

Worked as a Rails freelancer for years. Started a startup. Built side projects. Now happily employed at a fintech startup.
Started out in IT as a QA engineer and have been constantly interested in ensuring the quality of code in an automatic manner.

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Author Lucian Ghinda

Lucian Ghinda – Senior Ruby Developer

With 15+ years in programming, testing, project management, and R&D, I have primarily focused on Ruby coding and transforming ideas into products. As a trainer and mentor for 9+ years, I specialize in technical and soft-skill training, internships, and personal growth. I am passionate about sharing knowledge and aiding developers in advancing their IT careers.

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